Jester Startup Log is a blog series of startup life at Vertical Accelerator, our partner. We hope the log inspires discussion and action for the benefit of the startup genre.

Vertical spring batch 2017: Day 1

 img_1679It is the first real spring day in Espoo, Finland. Home of Vertical Accelerator. Blue skies, sun, sound of the melting snow. Perfect day to start the spring program.

All morning the Vertical door has been relentlessly cluttering as the new startup spring batch is arriving. Etsimo, Cardiolyse, Vital Metrix, Emotion, Healthzed, Wide, Via Esca, Ximi, Huoleti and Winmill. Super batch of cool ideas and great people from Finland, UK, Ukraine, USA, Latvia, Portugal.


This is a tough program and you have to get ready for fast acceleration on GTM, design, product, finance, team excellence, and it is five days a week from day 1 to day 98.

It is tough, but it is rewarding. At the end of the program all graduate stronger and better equipped. And that is needed in the hell the startups live in.

Exciting. Let us explore!

How do you feel about this post and its content? Please share your thoughts and let’s continue the discussion.

Thank you


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