Jester Leadership Stories is a blog series of leadership and leaders that we have had the pleasure of working with and want to share with you. We hope these stories inspire discussion and action for the development of great leadership.

Rob Van Wissen on Dutch Leadership

You probably know them! They always take the lead. Always at the forefront. Always in the frontline. “The ringleaders”. They automatically take charge of the property, especially if others hesitate. However, is this behaviour always appreciated by others? These self-proclaimed leaders don’t always have the leadership qualities that a born leader has naturally. True Leaders are people who know how to achieve goals and inspire people along the way.

A true leader is gallant, wise and dashing. He is principled and immensely effective. He has a vision and the ability to get things done. His targeted approach means that he knows what he wants and how he is going to achieve it. Attentive to the needs and expectations of others, respectful and approachable, he works with a decisively positive spirit and communicates his enthusiasm and passion to his employees.

He convinces enthusiastically and he motivates. In addition, he always has an eye for his surroundings. He compliments naturally and by doing that he is not only attractive for future employees, but is also able to retain and motivate its present employees. A born leader is valuable to an organization, a team, and will certainly benefit the results. Unlike a “self-proclaimed leader” who do not always live up to the expectations of others.

Strong leadership helps organizations achieve their goals. How to ensure the right leadership? Leadership that allows to
perform in state employees and deliver results? Leaders set the direction of the organization, while also managing the performance of employees. Personal Coaching helps them to understand themselves better and use that knowledge to make their organization successful. Are you a born leader who knows how to get the best from his employees?

Any questions about your own situation, or would you like to brainstorm about the options?

Rob Van Wissen

Rob is our partner and owner of Capdenac Ltd. Rob focuses on coaching, outplacement, recruitment and executive search in Holland and also organizes customized events in Chateausessies, Culemberg, Holland.

Contact Jester for more information on Rob, Capdenac and Chateausessies events.


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