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Vertical accelerator fall batch 2017

The Vertical fall batch 2017 is a great combination of talent, technology, cultures and passionate teams! It is fascinating to work with this diversity of cultures and people and realise how identical the individual challenges are, when pressure grows big enough.

The 15 fall batch startup’s are focused either on health or renewable materials. The 6 renewable materials teams are specially selected by Stora Enso and the objective with these teams is to offer Stora Enso hands on experience of working with startups – to change the leadership culture in the corporation.

The Vertical program is a four-month hands-on accelerator program that digs deep into customer excellence, team excellence and impact. Startups learn to work in collaboration with real corporations like Samsung and Stora Enso and get the valuable contacts.

Soul Of Startup

Many angels say that the team is the core of a startup – they even call it the soul of the startup. This in mind, Jester customized the team excellence training for Vertical to suit the needs of the startups in three separate modules:

Team Excellence 1: Anatomy of a perfect team

Team Excellence 2: Common Purpose and Goals

Team Excellence 3: Conflict Handling and Communications

We are excited to work with these great startup teams on Team Excellence as part of the Vertical family. Stay tuned for more experiences from the modules.

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