Global visibility for braintraining

Hintsa, global innovator in wellbeing coaching, taps high visibility to the leader’s wellbeing issue at Davos 2018.

It seems the world is getting more fragmented, politically, economically, and socially. This year, the World Economic Forum gathers global leaders to its annual meeting in Davos, to develop a shared understanding of what it means to shape a better future in our fractured world. Hintsa team has been invited to lead a session to discuss whether a wellbeing focus could be part of the solution.

Jester says that it will no longer be the monopoly of Lewis Hamilton and other top athletes to enjoy braintraining for high performance, but business leaders globally are also finding braintraining as an integral module of high performance.

Human high performance is balanced wellbeing in the mind, belly and feet.

Enjoy the great article below by James Hewitt, Hintsa.

Leaders’ wellbeing behaviour is contagious

At Hintsa, we believe that wellbeing is an essential resource for addressing the global challenges of our hyper-connected, yet fractured world. Organisations have an interdependent relationship with society, playing an integral role in determining whether its members are able to attain a state of overall wellbeing.

There may even be a commercial imperative: evidence from cumulative stock performance (in %) of Koop Award Winners compared with the S&P 500 Index (2001–2014) reveals the share prices of companies that value health and wellbeing significantly outperform those of their rivals.

Cumulative stock performance (in %) of Koop Award Winners compared with the S&P 500 Index (2001–2014).

In order to proactively influence wellbeing in increasingly disrupted work contexts, leaders need to focus on creating a culture of wellbeing that cascades down their organisations, and beyond, and that this starts with themselves. Leaders’ wellbeing behaviour is contagious.


Story published 19.1.2018 by:

Hintsa @ Davos 2018

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