Suomalaiset startupit Lontoossa 1968

Suomalainen startup-toiminta alkoi ennen muita jo 50 vuotta sitten, kun Helsingin kauppakorkeakoulun ylioppilaskunta puheenjohtajanaan Lauri Noreila vei Finnpartnerilla suomalaisyritykset Lontooseen keikalle.

Finnfocus aloitti hyvin Lontoossa




Taustana Tower esittelivät englantilaismannekiinit suomalaista vapaa-ajan muotia Finnpartnerin kannella: Lois James (vas.), Ann Milling, Ann Skevington ja Pamela Lovelock.

KAIKKI Englannin ilmaston mahdottomuutta koskevat puheet häpeään jättänyt lämmin auringonpaiste auttoi maanantaina Finnfocus-messujen ensimmäistä päivää.

Iltaan mennessä saattoivat sekä järjestäjät että ulkopuoliset todeta, että ainakin alkuunpääsy sujui erinomaisesti.

Ensimmäiseen päivään sisältyi luonnollisesti kokolailla improvisointia ja lieviä vaikeuksiakin, mutta tärkeimpien kohtien arvostelu osoittautui myönteiseksi; tyylikkäässä näyttelyssä riitti kävijöitä.

Maanantain varsinainen kohokohta oli Lontoon Cityn ylipormestarin Sir Gilbert Inglefieldin käynti Tower-sillan alapuolelle ankkuroidussa m/s Finnpartnerissa.

Lähde: Helsingin Sanomat 8.10.2018

Vertical Fall Program starts now

Vertical, the first Nordic digital health and well-being accelerator programme, announced the teams selected to join our fall 2017 batch. 9 Finnish and international startups focused on digital health and wellbeing will start the Vertical fall 2017 acceleration programme on August 28 in Helsinki, Finland. The teams were selected from 350+ applications received from over 50 countries.

During the 4-month long acceleration programme, the chosen startups will have access to Finnish research hospitals keen to pilot innovations, corporates looking for strategic partners within innovative services and technologies they can help scale across markets. Together with partners such as SamsungHUS – The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa, Fazer, among others, Vertical helps health tech start-ups to grow and rapidly reach international markets.

We help startups validate their offering with real customers to maximize their commercial opportunities,” says Paolo Borella, CEO of Vertical Accelerator “so we engage our fantastic partners and world class mentors from the first steps of the selection process. We are looking forward to seeing these opportunities materialize in pilots and commercial contracts during our acceleration program”.

Together with partners, Vertical Accelerator offers co-working space at downtown startup hub Maria 0-1, top notch training program focusing on successful strategic collaborations, as well as access to more than 200 world class mentors. At the end of the programme, Vertical will invest up to 150 000 euros in the most promising teams.

Vertical Fall 2017 Batch List


BuddyHealthcare is a care coordination and patient engagement platform which automates and monitors patients’ preparation for surgery as well as recovery procedures. BuddyHealthcare has previously been selected to join Startup Health Finland among the first five companies.

Intelligence and Innovation ScienceRussia

Intelligence and Innovation Science delivers a rehabilitation service based on proven VR/AI tech to home users.


Lifted offers training programs that are an easy path to improved well-being and performance.


Ninchat is a secure customer care chat for large enterprises.

SEP Solutions OnniFinland

Onni Care is a novel way to monitor and track your child’s early development by combining state-of-the-art baby monitors with a practical Child Development Tracker service that parents and loved ones can access anytime from anywhere.

The Mealplanner EuropeHungary/ Finland

The Mealplanner software creates a bridge between health and food data to create healthy, conscious nutrition.

Transformative, UK/ Ukraine

Transformative’s monitoring software predicts sudden cardiac arrest minutes in advance by using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and novel analysis techniques employed at CERN.

Visionarity, Switzerland

Visionarity offers digital solutions to help stakeholders of the health care system to control costs, digitize the customer relationship, and engage people in healthier lifestyles.


WeFitter optimizes employee engagement and health by rewarding active lifestyles, reducing health costs in organizations. WeFitter is currently a leader in Spain.

Stora Enso on leadership culture

Brave step

When the horizon is blurred and cloudy the skipper and his team must adapt to stay in pace and race. Reefing sails would be the traditional maneuver, but what if the wind does not fade. What then? Think out-of-the-box!

All established corporations face the same blurred and cloudy horizon as Stora Enso now. Corporate managements must think out-of-the-box to adapt to the rapid changes in business environment. They must change the leadership culture to enable fast adaption.

It is a ultimately a journey of seeking a leadership culture of entrepreneurship:  -focus on people, flexibility, fast adaption to change and immediate execution of sudden opportunities – and tolerance of failure.

The greatest tool for change might be entrepreneurs themselves. Corporate people hands on working together with startup entrepreneurs in real life business cases.

We are about to see new innovations in corporate leadership culture. Congratulations Stora Enso for taking the brave step. It will pay off.



Stora Enso has chosen six startups to join its Accelerator Programme, a joint startup initiative organised by Stora Enso, Aalto University Developing Entrepreneurship (Aalto ENT) and Vertical Accelerator.

The Accelerator Programme combines an executive education programme with a startup accelerator, in collaboration with dedicated partners from Vertical and Aalto ENT. The programme invited startups from all over the world to pitch their business idea, especially within the areas of smart factories, supply chain track and trace, and customer experience – or any other compelling idea with a clear connection to the renewable materials industry.

The winning teams were selected from a pool of over 120 applicants following an intensive application round, including final pitching to the Stora Enso Group Leadership Team. The proposals ranged from big data and analytics to IoT, supply chain optimization, safety and many other ideas that could potentially support the transformation of Stora Enso’s business. The startups invited to join the Accelerator Programme are:

– Sulapac (
– Top Data Science (
– Collective Crunch (
– Trä Kronor (
– LOOP by Circology (
– Drvr (

The final decisions were based on the startups’ capacity to bring diverse out-of-the-box thinking and the fit of their business idea.

The Accelerator Programme combines management development with cooperation and partnership with startups. From Stora Enso, 18 participants will join the programme which consists of executive education as well as working side-by-side with the startups supporting them to develop their business. The chosen startups will have dedicated resources from Stora Enso, participate in a globally renowned 4-month Vertical accelerator programme and get a 4-month free co-working space in one of Europe’s biggest startup hubs, Maria 0-1 located in Helsinki.

“The Accelerator Programme is a great way to build and strengthen the competencies and capabilities needed to continue Stora Enso’s transformation journey. Not only we will gain new knowledge, but it is also an opportunity to learn about the entrepreneurial mindset and way of working. We are looking for cross-fertilisation between Stora Enso and the startups, and we hope that the companies joining the programme will become potentially long-term partners,” says Karl-Henrik Sundström, CEO of Stora Enso.

About The Accelerator Programme
The Accelerator Programme is designed to identify startups bringing disruptive innovations in digitalisation, IoT, big data, analytics, supply chain, AI, VR, robotics, or in any other part of the chain that can help to speed up our transformation as the world-leading renewable materials company. In order to get there faster we have invited six innovative, fast-moving startups to advance our understanding about new technologies and market trends. All the selected startups act in an area of strategic importance to Stora Enso. The startups, in turn, will have the opportunity to develop their business by working side-by-side with Stora Enso employees and participate in an external accelerator programme. The startups we have selected to collaborate with could be our partners or suppliers of tomorrow.

For more information:
Carl Norell, SVP, Communications, tel. +46 1046 71709

Stora Enso is a leading provider of renewable solutions in packaging, biomaterials, wooden constructions and paper on global markets. Our aim is to replace fossil-based materials by innovating and developing new products and services based on wood and other renewable materials. We employ some 25 000 people in more than 35 countries, and our sales in 2016 were EUR 9.8 billion. Stora Enso shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki (STEAV, STERV) and Nasdaq Stockholm (STE A, STE R). In addition, the shares are traded in the USA as ADRs (SEOAY). 



For more information:
Carl Norell
SVP, Communications
tel. +46 1046 71709

Jester @ work


Team Excellence at Vertical

The Vertical spring batch 2017 is another great combination of talent,
technology and cultures. Ten passionate teams from six different countries. It is fascinating to work with this diversity of cultures and people and realise how identical the individual challenges and strengths are, when all are striving for the common cause.

The startup’s focus is often very naturally in technology, finance and the product – things you gotta get done today. In the team excellence module we go deeper into the human aspect of the startup. And talk about the people who are going to get the things done.

The perfect team is a group of talented people sharing a common purpose, all right. But each member of the team is an individual and there are no two identical brains.

Let us focus on both the team and the individual!

We feel privileged to be part of the Vertical family and execute the Team Excellence training for these great startup teams.

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Jester Startup Log

Jester Startup Log is a blog series of startup life at Vertical Accelerator, our partner. We hope the log inspires discussion and action for the benefit of the startup genre.

Vertical spring batch 2017: Day 1

 img_1679It is the first real spring day in Espoo, Finland. Home of Vertical Accelerator. Blue skies, sun, sound of the melting snow. Perfect day to start the spring program.

All morning the Vertical door has been relentlessly cluttering as the new startup spring batch is arriving. Etsimo, Cardiolyse, Vital Metrix, Emotion, Healthzed, Wide, Via Esca, Ximi, Huoleti and Winmill. Super batch of cool ideas and great people from Finland, UK, Ukraine, USA, Latvia, Portugal.


This is a tough program and you have to get ready for fast acceleration on GTM, design, product, finance, team excellence, and it is five days a week from day 1 to day 98.

It is tough, but it is rewarding. At the end of the program all graduate stronger and better equipped. And that is needed in the hell the startups live in.

Exciting. Let us explore!

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